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Young Guns Wrestling has been helping develop youth wrestlers for over 18 years. The club was co-founded by Eric Juergens and Jody Strittmatter in 2002 in Michigan before the 2 former NCAA Champions decided to move the club back to Ebensburg, PA (Jody's hometown) where they operated it together during the clubs early years. Eric moved back to Iowa near his hometown and continued developing the Young Guns Midwest program while Jody continued to add practice locations around Pennsylvania. The Young Guns system has seen some of the best high school wrestlers in the country pass through its doors. This includes wrestlers who have won 10 NCAA Championships, 5 World Championships, hundreds of State Championships and thousands of State Medals! 

The Young Guns system has always believed in "Champions Training Champions" and surrounding kids with inspirational athletes on and off the mat. Inspiration in the practice room comes not only from the Young Guns staff but from the positive environment in any practice room. Every practice location is full of role models on and off the mat inspiring wrestlers of all ages to push to their highest potential. The goal of Young Guns has always been to not only build a better athlete but to build a better person and help kids to make the right decisions on and off the mat and in life. 

Why choose Young Guns?

Young Guns practices are designed with the purpose of improving wrestling skills. Proper and precise technique is taught to eliminate bad habits. In addition, coaches work to teach relentless attack and response to key situations in wrestling.

Skills on and off the mat

Along with an ability to perform at a higher level, the Young Guns coaching staff stresses work ethic, conduct, and life lessons. Athletes are taught the true meaning of student athlete and are expected to uphold the highest moral standards on and off the mat. These lessons are meant to carry over long after competition years end.


Practices are filled with motivated kids fueled by a unique work ethic. This desire becomes contagious among kids dedicated to achieving success at a higher level.

Jody Strittmatter

Young Guns Wrestling (Pennsylvania)

Phone: 814 421 1481

Eric Juergens

Young Guns Wrestling (Midwest)

Phone: 309.781.4878